Wednesday, January 26, 2011


without You i feel no good feeling.
with You i experience such abundant healing.
this world is filled so full with pain.
You in it is the only sane.
i wonder and run daily,
searching for something else.
You, Lord, cause everything to dim so palely.
Your wings are the only shelter i have found.
every worldly pleasure fleeting, You remain so sound.
seeking possession only causing recession,
the crumbling and stagnation of my heart.
every desirable thing in this world remains so stale so tart.
appeasing to the body but hastily rotting my gaudy mind.
restoration and recreation You extend to me so kind.
You, i know only a fraction, the mystery of mercy never ends.
the question of why i continue to pursue anything but You still pends.
You promise life and withhold no pleasure.
i know no craving that You wont satisfy.
why do i look as if theres anything else to treasure?
without You discontentment is all we can buy.
do never relent until my heart is bound so tightly to You.
until my eyes see no beauty apart from the work You do.
until my thoughts and desires are made completely new.

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