Thursday, January 27, 2011

love, love.

love i may never understand
its not sweet kisses and the holding of your hand.
its not disposable and its not meant to be trite.
its not something you say to to get your way in the night.
its not lust driven sex and feelings within.
its not self seeking and indulging in sin.
its not temporary or fleeting, something you can fall out of overnight.
its not the way we use it, taking it so light.
its not simple words used to bring two people together.
rather words that are so loaded they promise forever.
love endures it does not waver.
love isnt earned its given as a favor.
love is so much bigger than a feeling.
its characterized by a commitment and love is the sealing.
love is serving and dying to yourself each day.
love is an action not merely words you say.
love is patient, never failing, and kind.
love communicates the ultimate bind.
love always protects and love always hopes.
it ties two together with the thickest of ropes.
love is submissive and always abides.
love is given to us freely, Christ's beautiful brides.
love is a gift something so valuable.
coming together as one, individuals so malleable.
depicting the way Christ commits to the church
His love so faithful and unwilling to lurch.
sacrificial love we know not how to extend.
but its love worth working so hard to send.
this love Christ gives is new each day.
thank you Jesus for your sweet agape.

i love looking at the definition of some of these words to fully grasp the depths of their meaning...

trite: lacking in freshness
or effectiveness because of constant use or excessive repetition.

lust: a selfish craving, longing, or desire.
synonym- weakness

favor: something done or granted out of goodwill, rather than from justice; an undeserved kind act.

seal: anything that tightly or completely closes or secures a thing

abide: to endure, sustain, or withstand without yielding

malleable: impressionable, moldable, flexible

lurch: an act or instance of swaying abruptly

agape: sacrificial, and unconditional love

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