Saturday, December 24, 2011

endurance. he has it. i need it.

internets back. ptl.

: today i am thankful for finishing my christmas shopping.
: i am thankful for movie night with my family and how loving and fun my sweet family is.
: i am thankful for jane anne mathis and how incredibly refreshing she is.
: i am thankful for the Lords consistency and endurance in molding me.
: i am thankful for the fish food my mom picked up for me at walmart so that i dont have to feel like the worst pet owner ever every time i walk in my room. (for those whom it may concern...henry and fredrick- almost starved to death but they are healthy now)

endurance: noun : the fact or power of enduring a difficult process or situation without giving way.

i am a difficult situation. the process constantly occurring in me is demanding. i am so thankful that the lord always endures without giving way. i am thankful that he not only endures but finds joy in doing so.  my prayer now is that he would receive the glory due him. especially this christmas season.

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