Tuesday, March 22, 2011

all the fragile hearts.

you were used and disrespected.
your fragile heart never protected.
nows he's gone, leaving you lonely.
empty is the feeling you feel only.
broken hearts will never heal.
if we dont look to something real.
i dont know what to say.
consolation wont come one day.
i can feed you lies about it getting better.
but words of restoration i cant write in a letter.
i know you hurt iv been there too.
a feel good feeling wont do anything for you.
alcohol will numb it for the night.
but the next morning it wont feel right.
youll miss him more and he still wont call.
all the emotions turning much more raw.
you see no light, hope isnt there.
your yoke getting so heavy, to heavy to bear.
tears streaking your cheeks leaving stains unerased.
your eyes stay wet and your heart left unlaced.
your smile lacks joy, it no where to be found.
sulking in this state, the pain begins to mound.
Lord, capture her heart, show her yourself.
she knows not you as her answer and help.
i have nothing to give to her, nothing i can do.
you are everything. all good comes from you.
save her i pray. work out your way.
mend her heart that is nothing but lifeless.
breathe life, renewal, and every shade of brightness.

not my favorite poem by any means but thought i would share it anyways.

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