Thursday, February 17, 2011

spiritual warfare and victory within.

failure and defeat
satan tries to beat
into my head each day
for my shortcomings surely i'll have to pay
he has convinced me, so lazy in my misery i lay
knowing it makes nothing okay
doing nothing right
way too tired now to fight
no expectations have i met
lies from satan i have let
fill my mind
truth in a day like this is so hard to find
spiritual warfare now rages
agitation fills my pages
and the ink so black it can not be erased.
too tired to deal with the trials with which I'm being faced
now right where satan wants me
weak and helpless he can see
my flesh lost this battle a while back
power in truth is what i really lack.
all of a sudden i can hear
and this music crystal clear
piercing every desperate ear
sounding loud and sounding near
the music so beautiful and pure
declaring of everything its cure
my problems diminish in this sound
something greater now i've found
and the lyrics counteracting my every fault
it rings of truth and grace, my soul it has bought
and the sweet sweet tune so appeasing i now forget
all the stress and frustration for which i wasn't meant
His voice captivating my heart over and over again
singing His love and declaring provision to mend
my broken life and all the mistakes i make
into power, love, and forgiveness i awake.
my eyes so enticed by His glory
to distracted to focus on my petty story
seeing no destruction and feeling no defeat
when He picks me up to sit in His seat
satan, you lose. its becoming a trend.
i am His daughter who he will always defend.

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