Friday, January 6, 2012

all the people in my life. blessings. blessings. blessings.

ok couple quick lil updates. fredrick died. heres a pic. he decided to die on christmas. not because he
starved though. must be natural causes. im no vet. moving on. on the upside henry is still kicking/swimming. whatever. i changed his water tonight. gotta hate when you spill fish water on your carpet... for the second time. kinda makes you wonder why you have a fish. all hassle. no love.

you know when you blog about a fish... you know not only do you need to get a hobby. you also clearly have no problems. thats what's been on my mind a lot lately. and that is something i want to really focus on in 2012. blessings. blessings. blessings.

i really want to leave negativity in 2011. 

thanksgiving project.

today i am thankful for all the rest i have gotten this week- but now its time to become proactive. 
i am also thankful for the opportunity to have gone to nationals conference and the truths i am still processing.
i am thankful for marsena and the time i got with her the past few days. talk about a joyful spirit. 
i also want to use this time to count tessa and catherine as the blessings in my life that they are. so much encouragement. having real-heart-friends like them is such a gift that i am beyond thankful for. 
today i am thankful for kendall and maryleslie being home from passion and what life and light they bring into the prater home. praise the lord for my sweet family. 

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